Online Registration

Online Registration is now available via one of the forms below, for BNJCA Juniors (Summer 2018/2019), Summer 2018/2019 Warehouse competitions (Juniors and Seniors) and Winter Warehouse 2018 (Juniors and Seniors).

The online registration forms are for use in conjunction with MyCricket online registration. You must register each player with MyCricket before using these forms. The forms are primarily to save you from having to fill out the paper forms to send to us once you’ve registered with MyCricket.

Please note, there are NO online credit card facilities available through this, The Hawks, website. Online payments are made through MyCricket. For infomration on how to register with MyCricket, please download this guide: How to register for the playing season using MyCricket

When registering with us, it is important that you provide us with the player’s MyCricket ID and payment reference. The player’s MyCricket ID is created when you first use MyCricket. It will be included in the confirmation email you receive from MyCricket upon registering, along with the payment reference, which is usually listed in the email as “your payment reference is de81477e” (for example). Providing these will help us to cross-reference your information provided from MyCricket.

Once your form is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Please choose one of the following:

Online registration – BNJCA Juniors (Summer)
Online registration – Warehouse Seniors (Summer)
Online registration – Winter Warehouse Juniors
Online registration – Winter Warehouse Seniors
Online registration – Warehouse Juniors (Summer)

Thank you for using our online registration process. If you have any difficulty using the forms, please email us at