Equipment and clothing

The club provides all equipment necessary for your child to play cricket, including bats, pads, gloves and helmets.

Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) zone rules 2.2 (iv), (v), (vi), (vii) and (viii) require that each player must wear protection while batting. Pads, gloves and helmets are available in the club kit. For obvious reasons, it is recommended that each child have their own groin protector. One of these is provided to first-time members of the club upon joining.

Club playing shirts are issued every two years to existing players, or to first-time members of the club upon joining.

Club baggy red playing caps are issued to new members of the club upon joining, usually presented on “cap day” prior to the start of each year’s summer season. New caps can be purchased for $15 from the club canteen.

Other club merchandise can be purchased by arranging a suitable time with the club (email [email protected]). See here for a list of available merchandise.

Players are required to provide their own white cricket pants, and proper cricket shoes. If playing on turf (from U13/U14 upwards), shoes with spikes are recommended, but not mandatory.

A note on shoes: While purpose-made cricket shoes may not be as light, colourful or trendy as modern running shoes, they offer significantly more toe protection that your average running shoes. The impact of a full-pitched cricket ball on the toes (a.k.a the “Toe Crusher”) is┬ásignificantly reduced if wearing proper cricket shoes that have toe protection, as opposed to runners that have no protection at all. We strongly recommend that players not wear ordinary runners while batting.


It is club policy that only the club baggy red cap or a white/cream, broad-brimmed cricket hat may be worn on the field while playing. Baseball caps are not permitted.

Helmet Policy

In the 2016/2017 season, Cricket Australia introduced mandatory helmet rules for juniors. Juniors must now wear helmets at all times while batting and keeping up to the stumps.

More information can be found on page 60 of┬áthe latest edition of “Well Played”, Cricket Australia’s policies and guidelines for the 2016/2017 season, which can be found here.

The club’s previous policy of parents indemnifying their children from wearing a helmet is no longer valid – a child can no longer play if they do not wish to wear a helmet.