Site related

Q. How do I download documents from your website?

A. From the sign-on documents page or Hawk Talk page, right click on the title of the document you want to download and select “Save Link As…” or perhaps “Save As…“. This may vary depending on the Internet browser you are using. For example, for Firefox it is “Save Link As…” while for later versions of Internet Explorer it is “Save Target As…


Q. I can’t read this document that I downloaded from your website.

A. Our documents are published using the Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) which is a widely-used method of publishing documents. If you are unable to view the document, it is possible that you do not have PDF reader software installed. If not, you can download Adobe’s PDF reader, here, or there are many other freely-available alternatives for download on the internet.


Q. If I click on a photograph, I see a larger version of it, but how do I get back to where I was? There’s no links back to where I came from…

A. Simply press the Back button on your browser. Alternatively, right click somewhere OFF the photo, and select “Back” from the context menu that appears.


Q. The site looks funny on my mobile phone’s browser.

A. Most current smartphones can access the internet through mobile versions of most popular browsers, such as Firefox (Android), Chrome (Android, iOS), Safari (iOS) and Internet Explorer (Windows Mobile). With WordPress 3.8 onwards, native support for smartphone browsers has vastly improved. The Hawks logo may be positioned in a strange position on the screen while everything else looks fine. This is due to the custom code to place it in the header of the page. The site is best viewed on smartphones in Landscape mode, and should operate satisfactorily with Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Please let us know if you experience difficulties viewing the site with your smartphone. Tablets such as iPads, ASUS, Samsung Galaxies, Google Nexus’ and most Android-based tablets should work without issues. Again, please let us know if you experience difficulties viewing the site with your tablet.

Cricket related

Q. My son wants to play in the same team as his best friend. How do I go about organising that?

A. While every effort will be made to accommodate your request, there are many factors that may influence how the make-up of teams is decided. See here for more information.

Payments and registration

Q. Why do I have to register and pay through MyCricket now? Why can’t I pay you with cash?

A. Starting with the 2019/2020 junior season, Cricket Australia has mandated that all registrations and payments must go through the MyCricket website. This is primarily to do with Cricket Australia’s insurance provider (currently JLT). Previously, if you played for more than one club or in more than one competition, part of each of those registration fees would include an insurance component; in effect, you would be paying for insurance more that one.

By registering and paying through MyCricket, you will only pay one insurance premium (per player) which will cover you for all clubs and competitions for whom you play, for the whole year.

For more information on how to register through MyCricket, please see this document.