Thunderstorm 30/30 rule

Thunder and Lightning 30/30 Rule

All coaches, managers, captains and anyone else with delegated responsibility for players, are instructed to exercise extreme caution during thunderstorms. The 30/30 rule is to be applied:

(a) if lightning and thunder are separated by a period of less than 30 seconds, the lightning is close enough to be a threat. You are to leave the field or training area immediately and seek shelter in a building or motor vehicle – not under trees.

(b) A period of 30 minutes should elapse before play is resumed, that is, after seeing the last lightning flash, wait 30 minutes before leaving shelter. If during this time lightning is again observed, contrary to the 30/30 rule, the 30 minutes will start again.

(c) Common sense should also prevail and caution must be exercised. If lightning is observed in your vicinity, leave the field. Do not hesitate to take the initiative and lead your players off if the opposition and/or umpires do not agree.

This regulation applies to all junior and senior matches. Safety of all involved is paramount and not negotiable.