Team Placement Policy

Team Placement Policy

We do not grade players at Albany Creek. It is the policy of the club to try to place players according to the individual requests of the player. If no special requests are made, the player will be placed in the appropriate age group.

When you register with PlayHQ, there is a question asking you to enter any special playing requests, for example:

  • ‘Same team as last season’
  • ‘With Steve Smith’
  • ‘With players from All Saints school’
  • etc.

Towards the end of each season, we publish the dates for the information day for the next season in our Hawk Talk newsletter. We also put a reminder in there to ask parents to advise us if they have or will be moving in the off-season so that we can alter our database, thus ensuring the mail out will go to the correct address.

As we grow bigger each year, the administrative task of organising the teams becomes more difficult. At the beginning of each season, our Registrar invests a huge amount of time reviewing all the requests and allocating players to teams. This starts on the information day weekend and continues over the next several weeks, with new registrations and late registrations coming in right up until (and sometimes after) the first game of the season.

The process of sorting the teams is long and involved and once started, it is very difficult to move players out of one team into another. We also have to work around deadlines for nominating team to Brisbane North.

We now have over 350 players to try to keep happy, therefore if registrations are not received on the information day weekend, or the Registrar is not advised by the parent of their intent to return and their requested playing arrangements, special requests will only be met if it there is room in the nominated team.

While we have a very good player retention rate, there are still many players who do not return to play another season with us for various reasons. If no form or phone call has been received, we will assume that the player is not coming back to play the new season.

The Albany Creek Cricket Club Committee
(20th October 2008, updated June 2023)