Trophy Day 2014


Life Membership Award

This year, life membership of the club was bestowed upon Di Cook, who was the club’s statistician for many years.

Congratulations Di!

Di Cook 2014 Life Member

Clubman Award

This year’s Clubman Award goes to Roger Halagoda, who has been coaching at the club for 14 years. Congratulations Roger!

Roger Halangoda, 2014 Clubman


Cricketers of the Year

Half-Season Cricketer of the Year goes to David Memmott of the Open Eaglehawks.

Congratulations David!

David Memmott Half Season CotY


Full-Season Cricketer of the Year goes to Brandon Morrall of the U14 Seahawks.

Congratulations Brandon!

Brandon Morrall Full Season CotY

Premiership Teams

This year, three teams won premierships.

Firstly, from Open Division 3A, the Eaglehawks! Congratulations fellas!

Open Div 3A Eaglhawks

 L to R: Roger Halangoda (Coach), David Memmott, Jamie Halangoda, Brad Sporn, Lachie Trenerry, Pranav Susarla, Nick Rowe, Casey McFarlane, Mark Findsen, Daniel Furby

Absent: Nick Boyce, Isaac Chaffey (c), Josh Trenerry

From Under 14, the Seahawks! Congratulations boys!

U14 Seahawks



From Under 13, the Falcon Hawks! Congratulations boys!