Club News, Easter 2018

Hi Hawks! Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks, with the end of the junior season, senior semis and finals and trophy day all within the last couple of weeks!

Firstly, our congratulations to the following:

  • Colin Otto, Clubman of the Year for 2018
  • Daniel O’Connor, Cricketer of the Year for 2017/2018
  • Steven Hogan, Half-season Cricketer of the Year for 2017/2018
  • U13 Seahawks, who won both their pre-Christmas comp and their post-Christmas comp
  • U14 Eagle Hawks, who won their pre-Christmas comp

See some photos of Trohpy Day here, and check out all the awards here, here, here and here.

Senior FInals

Commiserations to our B1 Senior side, who were beaten in their grand final last weekend, not by the opposition, by the weather.
Having bowled the opposition (QUT) out for 138, as they were walking off the field to change innings, the heavens opened up and we never made it back onto the field, the umpires calling it off at 3 pm.
Congrats to Colin Otto and his team for making it that far, after beating 2nd-placed Gold Crest in the semi-final the week before.

Commiserations also to our B2 Senior side, who were beaten in their semi final against Bribie Island.

For our Senior sides, your presentation barbecue is on the 14th of April at the nest, starting at 4:30 pm.

Hawk Talk

The final Hawk Talk for the summer season is now available from the downloads area.

Pink Stumps Day

Our Pink Stumps Day raffle collected $3,526.15 for The McGrath Foundation! Well done to all those who donated and contributed time for the cause.
The raffle was drawn Saturday 24th of March and the winners have been notified. A list of the lucky winners will be posted here, as soon as Kathy gets back from her sojourn to North Queensland!

Welcome Blind Bats!

The Hawks are proud to welcome the latest addition to the Hawks’ family, the Blind Bats (formerly Brumbies) Blind Cricket Association. The Blind Bats will be conducting a winter competition between May and August, during which they will use our south field (#2 oval) as their home ground, and play wearing Hawks colours. Please make them feel welcome.

The Blind Bats will be hosting a come-and-try day on Sunday April 8th at Lyndsey Road. See here for more details.

Website changing to ssl

Shortly our website will be converting to using SSL only, as a security measure. After that time, you will need to use https:// to visit the site; http:// will no longer be available. A notice will be sent out when this happens. Stay tuned…..

All the best for those playing in the winter Warehouse season, starting 29th of April for Saturday competitions. For those not playing cricket in winter (how could you?!?), we wish you well and hope to see you next season!

The Hawks Committee