Winter Season (re)start

Hi Hawks,

Thanks to the corona virus, the Warehouse winter season has been delayed, but the great news is we will start playing again on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of July.

  1. The senior Saturday competition will include finals and run until the 5th of September;
  2. The senior Sunday competition will include finals and run until the 6th of September;
  3. The junior competition will not include finals and will run until the 12th of September.

We’re hoping with no more interruptions to play, the Warehouse summer season will start on time one week later on the 19th of September.

For full information, see here.

Please note that most teams are currently close to being full – if you wish to play but are not already part of a team, please contact our Warehouse registrar, Eddie Mills, on or 0409 491 682.

The Hawks Committee