Farewell “old friend”, welcome new

In December 2016 we bade a fond farewell to the original Hawks’ nest, while welcoming the new nest with a win for our B2 Warehouse side.

A Hawk's eye view of the original Hawk's nest, Jan 2014.

A Hawk’s eye view of the original Hawks’ nest, Jan 2014.

The original Hawks’ nest was purchased for $1000.00 from the Dog Agility Club at SPSA in 2008, and transplanted to its location at #1 oval (see photos). A number of working bees were held to erect the awning and lay the pavers to make it into the nest we all knew and loved.

Hawk's Nest, Jan 2014

Hawks’ Nest, Jan 2014

In November 2016, a new nest began construction to the north of the old one, completed in the first week of December. The old one was donated to a retired digger near Kilcoy who had need of some shelter on his land. The vacant spot was grassed, and the old “grassy knoll” behind it was also levelled and grassed.

Looking across to the carpark where the old nest used to be.

The photo shows the new grassed area where the old nest used to be.

New Nest nearing completion

New Nest nearing completion

The new nest is built on an 11 x 15 metre slab, and has a large storage space, canteen facilities and room for future home/away team changing rooms. Unfortunately, as there are no sewer mains close by, the new nest does not contain toilet facilities. A large awning area at the front provides shelter and easy viewing of the game in progress for scorers.

A concrete pathway from the carpark to the nest will be constructed in early 2017 to allow for wheelchair access.

Front view of the new nest

Front view of the new nest

The new nest, looking over the site of the old one.

The new nest, looking from the site of the old one.

The new nest was christened on the 10th of December 2016, when the Hawks B2 Senior Warehouse team went up against the Macgregor Mongrels. Coincidentally, it was the day of WCA’s McGrath Foundation fundraiser, Pink Ball day.

The new nest immediately turned on the good fortune for the home side, who batted first, making 7/190 in 35 overs, and bowled the Mongrels out for 77 in 21 overs! Let’s hope it has the same effect for all Hawks teams who play on #1.

AC Hawks B2 and Macgregor Mongrels 10/12/2016.

Winning side, Senior Warehouse B2, first to use the new nest.

Winning side, Senior Warehouse B2, first to use the new nest.

Hawks B2 side in pink hats and mos for Pink Ball day.